GT6 shocks and springs

triumph GT6 Mk3 suspension upgrade

GT6 shocks and springs
The old front GT6 suspension
When I first got the car ready for it’s MOT, I uprated the rear suspension.  the read had a new leaf spring, lowering block and new Gaz adjustable shock absorbers fitted.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the funds to set the front end up to a similar spec, although, all the springs and shocks were renewed.  The were as standard.  I think it has come to the time to try and match the front to the rear, to try and improve the general road holding.  I have purchased a new set of uprated springs and fully adjustable Gaz shock.  they were fitted last weekend.

Due to the lowering of the front end, the cambers are all shot to hell.  The original way of setting these was with shims that slide behind the wishbone mounts were they meet the chassis.  I think I will replace the shims with a fully adjustable top wishbone as can be seen on the Canley Classics product list.


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