GT6 MK3 bonnet fitted

1972 with comprehensive restoration work

The triumph GT6 featured on the website will soon be offered for sale.  This GT6 offered for sale was purchased in 2008 and has had many thousands of pounds spent to bring it up to a very high standard.  Below is a list of parts about to be fitted and also a list of parts that have been replaced.  This car has only covered a few hundred miles since being put back on the road in the year 2012.  If you are interested please make contact through the members login page, and I will contact you promptly.

Here is the list of replaced parts to date.  All purchased new from Canley and Rimmer Bro’s 

Chassis, suspension and brakes

Rear Suspension

New rear Uprated Spring.
Rear shock absorbers  Gaz Adjustable.
Rear Lowering Spacer.
Rear Suspension Bolt kit.
Rubber Diff Mounts x 4.
Canley Classics Rotoflex conversion to CV Driveshafts  £500.00.
Rear Suspension bushes Complete.

Front Suspension

Gaz fully adjustable Front shock absorbers (height / damping).
Uprated front Suspension springs x 2
Canley Classics Camber adjustable front wishbones
Rose jointed Anti roll bar drop links
Track rod ends.
All Suspension bushes x 8.
New Uprated anti roll bar.
Complete front Suspension Bolt kit. 


brake Master cylinder
brake drums x 2.
Brake shoes.
Brake spring kit.
Hand Brake cable.
Solid brake Lines.
Goodridge Braided Brake Lines x 4.
Brake drums x 2.
Brake shoes.
Brake spring kit.
Hand Brake cable.
Front Brake Disks x 2.

Other machanicals

Prop Shaft UJ,s x 2.
Engine Mounts x 4.
Steering Rack.
Uprated, Rack-column link.
Hub pivot ball joints x 2.
Front Wheel Bearings x 4.
front hub steering trunnions x 2.

 Body Panels 

Front Outer Wheel Arches
Rear Wings x 2
rear Outer Wheel Arches
Outer Sills x 2
Inner Sills x 2
Sill Strengtheners x 2
Sill filler Panel x 2
Sill End cap x 2
Floor Pans x 2
Cross members x 2
Boot Floor
Rear valance
Rear Light panel
A-post panel x 2


Trim and other parts

Roof lining
Black carpet
Walnut Dashboard
Dial chrome bezels, glass and seals
Windscreen seal and trim
Windscreen wipers
Windscreen wiper mount bevels, seals and nuts
Windscreen motor mount Strap and base
Rear Screen seal and trim  (trim not fitted)
Boot lid Seal Door hinge Bolts and gasket.
Door Slam plates.
Door cards.
Rear ¼ panels.
Door weather seals, interior/exterior.
Rear 1/4 Light window seal.
Carpet Set.
Gearbox Tunnel.
Rear light Seals.
Rear Light Bulb holders.
Rear chrome horse shoe trim.
Wing mirrors x 2



Starter Solenoid.
Wiper Motor.
All new Bulbs.
Bulb Holders.
New Coil.
Electronic ignition kit.
New HT leads.
New HT cap

Fluid Control

Fuel line, Complete tank to Carbs.
Fuel tank Sender Seal and locking ring.
Full Stromberg Carb refurbishment kit x2.
Fuel pump.
New cooling / heating hose set.
Refurbished radiator (sender mounting boss soldered for cooling upgrade if required)
New water pump.
Heater control valve

4 thoughts on “1972 with comprehensive restoration work”

    1. Hi Gideon.
      There are some pictures on the home page. I am about to fit a new clutch due to a noisy thrust bearing. Hope to have that done this weekend. I will take a few pictures while there. The last job remaining is to get the new carpets in place.
      I am probably looking for about £5000

  1. I’m a bit late to the conversation but even 5 years on, £5000 was a great bargain for the purchaser.

    If you are ever in Hawaii please give me a heads up, I can cruise you up and down the Waikiki avenues in my Spitfire.

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