Roof lining

GT6 Rear quater of roof lining
GT6 rear roof lining
GT6 rear roof lining

This is another job i have dreaded.  It was not to bad.  Just took a long time to find my starting point.  Using plenty of bulldog clips, I pulled the lining tight all around.  Then using a hot air gun warm the front section and pull and glue to the top windscreen surround edge.  then gradually and carefully fork down both doors,  while keeping the fabric warm and tight.  then move to the rear quarter windows,  Always keeping the lining as warm as possible.  then move to the tail gate top lip, and finally the rear quarter panels down the boot top.

Loose hanging GT6 roof lining
GT6 roof lining clipped in placed
GT6 roof lining warming by light source
GT6 roof lining warming by light source
taught GT6 roof lining
GT6 roof lining, warmed, pulled, glued and clipped in place
The front of the lining. It looks better in the flesh, the flash seems to have shown up flaws that are not visible in daylight

GT6 Mk3 dashboard

GT6 dash panel
Gt6 dash panel with gauges and switches fitted

GT6 Dash panels

I had to make up new dash mounting brackets due to new ones not being available

I have had too leave the dash fitting here.  Mainly due to the fact that I want to replace the heater ducting pipework.  This is proving to be hard to get hold of.

For reference the GT6 Mk3 ducting diameters are as follows

De mister ducting-  38mm  or 1 1/2 inches

Dash vents – 44mm or 1 3/4 inches.

I have sourced the pipework from here on a next day delivery.

The Mounting brackets were fabricated with M4 countersunk screw welded into 16 gauge strips of steel.  these need to be screwed into the back of the left and right dash panels and aligned in the body to sit square with the  corresponding burr walnut panels.

I hope to be attacking this job at the weekend and maybe even attempting to start the car…

Burr walnut GT6 Mk3 dash
Dash board 90% in.

Most of the dash is in.  I am waiting for a new Tack cable before I complete the installation.

GT6 glass instalation

GT6 Passenger door glass
GT6 Passengers door glass roughly fitted
GT6 door fitting
GT6 passenger door trial fitting of glasses

After a lot of Jiggling and poking, I eventually got the two glasses fitted to the GT6.  Then realised I had to remove them to fit the galss seal clips for the inner and outer weather strips.

I had stop short of fully installing the door contents as my rear window channel had not window felt guide remaining in it.  Never fear, its now on order along with the drivers mirror.  I think that is the first item I will need to fit on the other door.

"GT6 drivers door fitting"
GT6 drivers door fitting
GT6 Read off side window
GT6 Read off side window

Rear screen in

GT6 radiator fitting and modification

Below is the radiator fitted.  I might descide too fit an electric fan in the future.  with this in mind I thought it would be wise to have an M22 boss soldered to the radiator in preperation for that day.  For now it is plugged with the correct coolong fan switch.  convenient…

Berkshire radiators did the rad for me, he also repaired a small leak, pressure tested the rad and painted it.  all for £15.   Many thanks to them for this.  Here is a link to there site in case you need cooling work.  radiators and Air con..

GT6 Cooling fan switch fitted for future mods

GT6 Trial door fitting

Trial mount of GT6 NS door
The Near side GT6 door is trial fitted as a bare carcase..

Fitting the door was quite a pain.  It still has quite a gap to the sill.  It seems I need to remove the lower hinge-body gasket.  The hinge is as far in as i can move it.  we shall see..

drivers GT6 door repairGT6 Door frameGT6 door

Below is the latest nightmare.  The drivers door appears to be too long.  The the door adjusted fully forwards, the door skin still contacts the rear wing at the lower swage line.  All I can think to do is grind the door skin back a few mill, then tag the skin back together with weld.

GT6 door skin adjusted
GT6 door skin adjusted

GT6 door skin repair

Re-glossed GT6 door skin
Skin trimmed, filled, primed and painted

GT6 rear bumpers

Rusty Gt6 bumper mount bars
This is an example of the bumper bars
Gleaned bumper bars
bumper bars cleaned of with flap disk on grinder

The bumper bars were in a right state.  Two had to have to old inner wing remains cut off then due to corrosion.  The bars were cleaned back to metal with a course flap disk on an angle grinder and are ready for a coat of paint tonight.

GT6 Bumper fitted

GT6 loom

Solder tinned loom join
The loom wires, stripped, tinned.
Heat shrink on the soldered joints
Heat shrink on the soldered loom joints
GT6 loom repair
the join in no insulated and complete

I took the decision to repair the GT6 loom using soldered joints.  The main reason was that it’s a permanent join and should not suffer with age from moisture or intermittent breakages.

The joins were then insulated with 3mm-1mm heat shrink and finally coverer in the dreaded insulation tape.

below are some of the electrical components being bolted back onto the bulkhead.  (GT6 Started solenoid, GT6 Overdrive relay, GT6 Horn relay)

GT6 Bulkhead

GT6 exhaust hung

After making new exhaust hangers the GT6 rear box is hung in place

Due to the floor being replaced, I had to start with making new exhaust hangers.  These consist of a strip of steel bent to a right angle, then a brace welded across one side.  This brace also acts as the hanger.  The bracket was then bolted to the rear of the boot floor and also the front lower edge of the rear valance.

Then I turned some tubes on the lath to pack the hanging straps.  This stops the straps being over tightened and crushing the rubbers.  then it was all offered up to mark the hanging bolt holes in the hangers, while making sure the box hangs square and level.

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