GT6 body mounting spacers

GT6 Body – Chassis spacers

GT6 body mounting spacers
Here is a useful document showing the required spacers and locations

When re mounting the GT6or Spitfire tub to the chassis, you will require a spacer kit.  the diagram above shows the locations for the different spacers.

5 thoughts on “GT6 Body – Chassis spacers”

  1. Thanks, this is the best photo that I have seen and is very helpful. You have been a great help and thanks again

  2. Hi great work I am about to remate my body to the chassis, on my mk3 GT6, any chance you can mail me a parts description to go with your chassis photo,
    Many thanks

    1. Hi George, I will help any way i can. can you be a bit more descriptive when you say parts? Do you mean chassis / suspension or the parts to join the body and chassis?

  3. i’m just about to re-affix my spit 1500 tub back on the chassis,i needed the positions for the spacers alloy and rubber,great image of it here,apart from the extensive re-work to sort basic spit body problems,like removing the rear exposed seams to stop water channeling towards the door apertures,and a host of other “fixes”,i purchased cotton reinforced rubber strip 5 metres x 60mm x 5mm,contact glued to the chassis rails ,out riggers and rear suspension body mount points,to help road noise transmission and any future metal to metal contact especially the alloy spacers,that will get the rubber above and below them,stopping electrolytic fusion and rotting,plus my galvanised and painted chassis needs to last.
    Just waiting for the dinitrol to set/dry in the rear deck box section then i can lift it back on the chassis,1 day hence i hope,next time i will use paraffin and vaseline heated and sprayed in every nook,box and door bottom,as it will solidify clear,and is very cheap.

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