GT6 body mounting spacers

GT6 Body – Chassis spacers

GT6 body mounting spacers
Here is a useful document showing the required spacers and locations

When re mounting the GT6or Spitfire tub to the chassis, you will require a spacer kit.  the diagram above shows the locations for the different spacers.

4 thoughts on “GT6 Body – Chassis spacers”

  1. Thanks, this is the best photo that I have seen and is very helpful. You have been a great help and thanks again

  2. Hi great work I am about to remate my body to the chassis, on my mk3 GT6, any chance you can mail me a parts description to go with your chassis photo,
    Many thanks

    1. Hi George, I will help any way i can. can you be a bit more descriptive when you say parts? Do you mean chassis / suspension or the parts to join the body and chassis?

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