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A visual diary of the GT6 restoration

GT6 front panels and bumper

Here i am fitting the front panels and bumper to my Triumph GT6 Mk3.  Unfortunately i have had to fit an old bumper for now.

In these picture I am trial fitting the front valance so I can line up some brackets to be welded on.  These will be the mounting points for the front numberplate.  GT6 Mk3 valance

The front indicators are installed and working after a few hours tracking faults in the loom.  Hazard light were a pain.  I got there in the end after finding the green/red and Green/white wires from the switch to the bulbs had internal breaks in the loom.

I am trying to get the car ready to move to another location.  Ideally I would like to have the valance painted and on.  Also with the bonnet fitted and aligned.  The difficulty is in getting the bonnet to the car.  I might resort to putting it on a roof rack.

GT6 rear end view
Gt6 MK3 rear end view as the car starts to come together
GT6 MK3 bonnet fitted
GT6 MK3 bonnet fitted

GT6 glass instalation

GT6 Passenger door glass
GT6 Passengers door glass roughly fitted
GT6 door fitting
GT6 passenger door trial fitting of glasses

After a lot of Jiggling and poking, I eventually got the two glasses fitted to the GT6.  Then realised I had to remove them to fit the galss seal clips for the inner and outer weather strips.

I had stop short of fully installing the door contents as my rear window channel had not window felt guide remaining in it.  Never fear, its now on order along with the drivers mirror.  I think that is the first item I will need to fit on the other door.

"GT6 drivers door fitting"
GT6 drivers door fitting
GT6 Read off side window
GT6 Read off side window

Rear screen in

GT6 Trial door fitting

Trial mount of GT6 NS door
The Near side GT6 door is trial fitted as a bare carcase..

Fitting the door was quite a pain.  It still has quite a gap to the sill.  It seems I need to remove the lower hinge-body gasket.  The hinge is as far in as i can move it.  we shall see..

drivers GT6 door repairGT6 Door frameGT6 door

Below is the latest nightmare.  The drivers door appears to be too long.  The the door adjusted fully forwards, the door skin still contacts the rear wing at the lower swage line.  All I can think to do is grind the door skin back a few mill, then tag the skin back together with weld.

GT6 door skin adjusted
GT6 door skin adjusted

GT6 door skin repair

Re-glossed GT6 door skin
Skin trimmed, filled, primed and painted

Fitting the GT6 tub to the chassis

GT6 Mk3 tub fitted to the chassis
The tub is freshly mounted to the chassis. Doors next....

About to mount the GT6 body to chassis

Final checks before the GT6 tub  is re fitted

After holding the spacers on with masking tape and a bit of jiggling, lifting and pulling.  The GT6 tub is back on the car and bolted down.

Many thanks to Andrew Chris and Richard for all the help.  I should only need one more, that is the bonnet.

GT6 tub just mounted to the chassis
Same image, different angle
The GT6 Tub is on at last.