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GT6 / Spitfire Adjustable front wishbones

There are many advantages to fitting these adjustable front wishbones to your GT6 or Spitfire.

– fully adjustable camber

– Lighter configuration

– stronger suspension with less flex

Here is the procedure for fitting these modifications

1: Park the vehicle on a flat and solid surface and chock the rear wheels, then release the handbrake.


GT6 spitfire rear wheels chocked
GT6 spitfire rear wheels chocked







2: Locate a suitable jack under the front main chassis rail.

trolley jack under GT6 chassis
Triumph GT6 chassis jacking point







3: Loosen the 4 wheel nuts about a half a turn on the corner to be removed.  Now jack the vehical to a height that will allow axel stands to be inserted under the main chassis rails.

4: remove the 4 wheel nuts and wheel.

Spitfire GT6 wheel
ratchet spanner on GT6 wheel nuts







4: If working on the left corner, turn the steering fully to the left to gain better access to the wishbone/hub.

5: Remove the wishbone-hub mounting bolt, then use a suitable ball joint breaker to separate the tapered joint as bellow.

GT6 Spitfire front upper wishbone   Triumph wishbone seperation   Image00012

6: Remove the 2 inboard mounting bolts, try not to drop or lose the captive nuts.

Image00015   Image00016

7: remove the upper wishbone.

8: using a press or vice, (hamer and suitable sized sockets can be used) press fit the 2 inner bushes into the new wishbone, then insert the wishbone into the chassis upright.  Insert the 2 bolts  (I recommend always re-greasing and bolts removed to preserve  them.)

preserving suspension bolts
copper ease is ideal for any bolts out in the elements. they will stay free for years
Triumph GT6 / Spitfire camber adjustable front suspension
Triumph GT6 / Spitfire camber adjustable front suspension

Do not fully tighten the inboard two bolts until the car is back resting on it’s wheel.  this helps the bushed settle in their most relaxed and natural position.

9: Insert the tapered ball joint into the front hub upright, to set the taper firmly in place it is sometimes helpful toe give the top a tap with a hammer.  this will stop the ball joint spinning while trying to tighten the securing nut on the underside

Image00019  At this point you can fit the large locking nut on the ball joint end, refit the road wheel and 4 nuts.  remove the axle stands and jack from under the car.  I would recommend bouncing the suspension a few times before tightening the inboard two wishbone bolts.


triumph GT6 Mk3 suspension upgrade

GT6 shocks and springs
The old front GT6 suspension
When I first got the car ready for it’s MOT, I uprated the rear suspension.  the read had a new leaf spring, lowering block and new Gaz adjustable shock absorbers fitted.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the funds to set the front end up to a similar spec, although, all the springs and shocks were renewed.  The were as standard.  I think it has come to the time to try and match the front to the rear, to try and improve the general road holding.  I have purchased a new set of uprated springs and fully adjustable Gaz shock.  they were fitted last weekend.

Due to the lowering of the front end, the cambers are all shot to hell.  The original way of setting these was with shims that slide behind the wishbone mounts were they meet the chassis.  I think I will replace the shims with a fully adjustable top wishbone as can be seen on the Canley Classics product list.


GT6 Rear suspension

GT6 Rear suspension setup
This was the state of the rear suspension after body removal.
GT6 Differential gleaning
A rare oppurtunity to see a Ruggles at work in the wild
GT6 rear lower wishbon refurbed
GT6 rear wishbone, re-bushed painted and new truninons fitted. DONE....
GT6 vertical link and shaft rebuilt
New bearings, Rotoflex, slave cylinders, shoe adjusters, UJ's. DONE,,,,
GT6 rear rotoflex Suspension
GT6 Differential, suspension and brakes fully serviced and assembled.

The suspension was assembled as pictured above, but was subsequently stripped and I fitted a lowering bracket, Gaz shockabsorbers were also utilised.  While apart I wanted to get rid of the old Rotoflex driveshafts and replace them with the Canley Classics, CV jointed drive shafts.  The Idea behind this was to extend the life,  reduce the servicing needs and reduce the risk of catastrophic failure that  the original shafts can suffer from.

When approaching the job of taking apart rear suspension.  BE CAREFUL.  If you are working on a Rotoflex model, be warned, the rear suspension is under a huge amount of tension.  the spring must be supported with a lever and axle stand if the body is still in situation.  the method I used was to replace the differential studs with longer threaded bar.  Then when all bolted to the rear uprights and wishbones, tighten the spring down in situ with the longer studding in the differential.  I used this method due to a lack of weight on the rear of the car due to no tub, glass and trim being present.

New Parts fitted.

Leaf Spring.  Gaz Shock absorbers.  3/4 lowering diff spacer.  Brake shoes.  Shoe fitting Kit.  Brake Adjusters.  brake Slave Cylinders.  Wheel Bearings.  Universal Joints.

Front Suspension

GT6 Front Suspension as removed
this is the front suspension corner as remover, uuugghhh……

Gt6 rebuilt front suspension
Stripped, painted, re bushed, new bearings, new trunions, new ball joints and new disk. Done

GT6 front near side corner fitted
fully re built front nearside corner

Both front corners received the same treatment.  Fully stripped, painted,  Re-bushed, new trunions, new wheel bearings, new disks, new top ball joints, New Shock absorbers, new Springs, new track rod ends, new steering rack and new Anti roll bar.