This is my a Diary of the work that I have undertaken on my Triumph GT6 MK3 1972. I am also trying to compile a useful list of GT6 and Triumph links for parts and information. (See below) I bought the GT6 from an EBay seller back in late 2009. The Advert read as follows “1972 Triumph GT6 Mk3. Dry stored for 6 years due to personal injury. EASY restoration project for lightly skilled enthusiast” Well, I beg to differ. On getting the GT6 home and after a little poking and probing around the following was discovered.

Sills falling apart, Inner sills badly corroded, Sill Strengtheners not present, Boot floor mainly missing, Front bulkhead badly corroded, Windscreen surround very badly corroded, Front roof edge, badly de-seamed and badly corroded, Rear heel cross member corroded, Outer wheel arches require patches and repair, Front wings badly corroded. And not usable, Bonnet braces corroded through, Roof lining torn and mouldy, Dash panels rotten,

As you can imagine this was and still is quite and undertaking for me and quite a load to bear on my girlfriend. Luckily she knows the GT6 is one of my passions at the moment so I have plenty of time to work on her.

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  1. Hello, I have just purchased a 1972 GT6 in similar but hopefully not quite as bad condition as yours, while searching for parts I came across your site, I will be having a good read and hopefully will pick up some tips.

  2. Hey guys I have a 72 also and looking for a good company to restore it. I isnt bad at all just want a good job done, any info would help. Thanks

  3. Great site, and thanks for all the pictures and descriptions! If/when I can convince my wife to let me restore a GT6 I’ll definitely use your accumulated and documented knowledge to my advantage.

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