GT6 front panels and bumper

Here i am fitting the front panels and bumper to my Triumph GT6 Mk3.  Unfortunately i have had to fit an old bumper for now.

In these picture I am trial fitting the front valance so I can line up some brackets to be welded on.  These will be the mounting points for the front numberplate.  GT6 Mk3 valance

The front indicators are installed and working after a few hours tracking faults in the loom.  Hazard light were a pain.  I got there in the end after finding the green/red and Green/white wires from the switch to the bulbs had internal breaks in the loom.

I am trying to get the car ready to move to another location.  Ideally I would like to have the valance painted and on.  Also with the bonnet fitted and aligned.  The difficulty is in getting the bonnet to the car.  I might resort to putting it on a roof rack.

GT6 rear end view
Gt6 MK3 rear end view as the car starts to come together
GT6 MK3 bonnet fitted
GT6 MK3 bonnet fitted

Roof lining

GT6 Rear quater of roof lining
GT6 rear roof lining
GT6 rear roof lining

This is another job i have dreaded.  It was not to bad.  Just took a long time to find my starting point.  Using plenty of bulldog clips, I pulled the lining tight all around.  Then using a hot air gun warm the front section and pull and glue to the top windscreen surround edge.  then gradually and carefully fork down both doors,  while keeping the fabric warm and tight.  then move to the rear quarter windows,  Always keeping the lining as warm as possible.  then move to the tail gate top lip, and finally the rear quarter panels down the boot top.

Loose hanging GT6 roof lining
GT6 roof lining clipped in placed
GT6 roof lining warming by light source
GT6 roof lining warming by light source
taught GT6 roof lining
GT6 roof lining, warmed, pulled, glued and clipped in place
The front of the lining. It looks better in the flesh, the flash seems to have shown up flaws that are not visible in daylight