GT6 exhaust hung

After making new exhaust hangers the GT6 rear box is hung in place

Due to the floor being replaced, I had to start with making new exhaust hangers.  These consist of a strip of steel bent to a right angle, then a brace welded across one side.  This brace also acts as the hanger.  The bracket was then bolted to the rear of the boot floor and also the front lower edge of the rear valance.

Then I turned some tubes on the lath to pack the hanging straps.  This stops the straps being over tightened and crushing the rubbers.  then it was all offered up to mark the hanging bolt holes in the hangers, while making sure the box hangs square and level.

Fitting the GT6 tub to the chassis

GT6 Mk3 tub fitted to the chassis
The tub is freshly mounted to the chassis. Doors next....

About to mount the GT6 body to chassis

Final checks before the GT6 tub  is re fitted

After holding the spacers on with masking tape and a bit of jiggling, lifting and pulling.  The GT6 tub is back on the car and bolted down.

Many thanks to Andrew Chris and Richard for all the help.  I should only need one more, that is the bonnet.

GT6 tub just mounted to the chassis
Same image, different angle
The GT6 Tub is on at last.