Roof and windscreen surround

Lead Lined GT6 surround
A bad state of repair, GT6 Screen surround

this is one of the jobs I had dreaded the most.  The leading edge of the roof and the full windscreen surround are badly in need of replacment.  If if goes wrong then I will either not be able to get the screen in or the roof will look uneven, and the guttering looking bad.     Here goes……

My pre repair GT6 roof leading edge
Full of filler and lead. The two did not mix well either
Badly corroded GT6 scuttle
The whole screen surround and roof edge looks like it needs doing
I used a spitfire Mk4 windscreen surround to replace mine as it was very bad.  
At the time there was also a front roof repair panel available.  However, I think I purchased one of the last available.  I understand the one popular alternative methods is too fabricate the roof panel out of an old style Mini rear valance panel.
There is a guy out there that will taylor it and fabricate it for you in a few days.  ( )
I started by cutting the roof back to about the join location of the new panel.  Then removing the screen surround as can be seen below.
Then get the spitfire surround welded in place.  The top corners will need to be built up slightly to meet the roof corners.  (about 1cm at the outside corners. )
then ground back to smooth.
Then next stage was welding a strip all  the way along the top of the spitftire panel for the  roof panel leading edge  to clamp and weld too.
I also had to repair the front side guttering’s.  This involved bending and folding some strips to match the profile of the gutters in place.  That then welds too the corners of the screen that you will have built up as above.
Then is is really a case of making sure the roof panel is all lined up as you want, tacking the front edge on and then the rear edge where it joins the old roof. (care must be taken at these edges due to the heat being put into the steel.  It is all to easy to distort the panel at the final hurdle and then set you back many hours and too make the final result no as pleasing the the eye)    Stitch weld only taking time at low current for the stell too cool between welds…
Then I trimed the leading edg to a nice curve that sits well with the roof.   Fold the side guttering up and over the roof edges and blend / weld to the old guttering.
Now its really a case of Filling and sanding until you are happy with the finish.