GT6 door repair

GT6 lower door skin removed
The bad area of the GT6 door skin was cut away.

Gt6 door frame repair

Door frame repair to lower corner
GT6 lower door skin tacked in place
GT6 lower door skin tacked in place

One door needed quite an extensive repair.  The lower part of the frame was nearly all corroded away.  the rusted and thin metal was all cut away.  then a new door floor was fitted. The lower front corner was fabricated from two plates. (As above)  Then the lower door skin was tacked in place before the skin lip was folded over .

Trial door fitting
repaired GT6 door being hung to check fit.

Upon completion, the door was hung on the tub to check fit and door gaps.  The GT6 door seems to fit as well as it did before I took it off.  So I hope there is wiggle room to taylor it after paint.

repaired GT6 door in primer
The door primer

After re skinning the GT6 door, it was skimmed with Upol gold stop filler the given a few coats of high build primer.  Then the skin was flattened with 800 grit on a DA sander.