123 tune distributor initial Ignition curve

At the weekend I fitted my new 123 tune distributor.  I fitted a new fusebox and relays to improve the power feed to try and eliminate any losses in the ols switchgear and corroded connections.

The fitting was very straight forward as described in the manual.  The only fiddly bit was a modification I had to make to the old Delco securing clamp.  This was expected as the 123 is designed to be a direct replacement for the Lucas, not really for the delco.

The modification only involved opening the clamp hole up by about 10mm in diameter.  (where the clamp clamps around the dizzy.)

123 tume ignition map
ignition advance curve for 123 tune fitted to A Triumph GT6 Mk3

The keener eyed folk will notice the timing is set to 0Deg BTDC until 500rpm.  This is a very big advantage with starting.  in the past unacheivable with classic mechanical dizzys


the button below will take you to the .xml code for you to use and modify as you need.  I hope it helps.

123 curve

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